Michael Rubbo | Ellen
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Ellen has become a professional lyricist and music network manager of her project, Dattilo. You can find links to her collaborations and songwriting below. The songs are gaining an audience around the world, a reflection of Ellen perhaps, who she herself has spent most of her life traveling, starting very young, just as a bub just under my arm.
Here is what she says in her own words

What is Dattilo?

Put simply, Dattilo is a transient musical project that is run by the core lyricist Ellika.

Dattilo is discovering itself each and every day, through releasing musical content under the umbrella name. Each single represents a unique journey that has brought musicians together from around the globe.

Dattilo should be identified with the word in song, it is the deeper message, the lyrics and the prose, for this is the signature flare amongst the varying genres and film clips.