Ellen has become a professional songwriter and producer under the name Dattilo. Ellen has taken this name for her artist identity from my grandfather, Antonio Dattilo Rubbo. He was quite the character and an artist himself. Ellen has found some etymological connection between the meaning of Dattilo, typewriter and poetry in Italian. Perfect for a budding lyricist like herself.


You can find links to her collaborations and songwriting below. The songs are gaining an audience around the world, a reflection of Ellen perhaps, who she herself has spent most of her life traveling, starting very young, just as a bub just under my arm.
Here is what she says in her own words…


I am a lyricist/Top-liner, Producer and Collaborator from the Central Coast, NSW Australia.
In a nut shell, I am a non-performing songwriter who leads and creates productions with musicians from all over the world to showcase my lyrical compositions.

Each production is a story in and of itself, not linking to previous genres and usually accompanied with a signature doco-style music video.
I’ve traveled, co-written and recorded all over the world with incredible artists such as Pino Squillace from Nashville, Animal Feelings from NY, Dub Princes from UK and Owen Campbell from Aus. My vision is to not only draw listeners back to the words in songs, but have my followers appreciate the spontaneity of Dattilo, the stories I bring and the musical packages I create.
This is happening not only through my own projects but as I write for other established bands and consult on lyrical compositions.

The Dattilo idea has been discovering itself each day, bringing people together to focus on the power of poetic message, all the while making something bigger than its self.

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