As the book came together, I had the idea of  providing some customers with an original drawing. With that in mind, I left a blank space at the end of the book in which I could add a sketch to the extent that I have the time and energy to do so.
I knew it would have to be an image or images which I loved doing. I practised and found two which were quick and fun, both relating to the book’s content. One shows me and my E bike in a jaunty pose, me standing behind the beast, showing it off.
The other, my favourite you can see below. The original, an  on the spot sketch,  comes from a walking holiday I did in the UK in May 2017. It’s called, A path through  the Woods and was done a mile or two from Winchcombe, climbing to the Neolithic ruins of Belas Knap  in the Cotswolds.
This fits well since, if you read my book,  you’ll see that I’m fascinated by paths which cut through a picture, going off who knows where, suggesting a story. I was propped on a post, my sketch pad my easel, that spring morning and as I drew, a figure became briefly silhouetted in the tunnel of the trees.
In my copies, they are now two figures, stopped and chatting on the crest. We are sharing the marvellous system of public pathways which crisscross the UK,  wandering over private farm land, though farmer’s woods as here.
So if you would like to add an original  drawing to your book, it will cost you an extra $20 , $55 in total. It will probably be one of the two described, but that might change. I have to love doing them. If not, no more drawings and it will be up to you to fill the inviting space.
Love to hear what you think of the idea.  It might be a first!