Michael Rubbo | Solzhenitsyn’s children are making a lot of noise in Paris
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Clip with Bernard Henri Levy

Bernard makes a point


Solzhenitsyn’s children are making a lot of noise in Paris

Around 1979,  I made a feature length documentary in Paris about prominent writers on the French left who, having read Solzhenitsyn and learnt about the gulag, suddenly abandoned their leftist views and became his disciples. A perfectly understandable thing to do, but being French intellectuals they change sides with such swagger and self-justification, that it becomes quite funny.

The film explores our human craving for utopias, our dreams that somewhere, somehow, there is a better way of doing things. But is there, or are all human societies  destined to disappoint us? Here is a clip from the end of the film with the most flamboyant of the New Will Philosophers as they were called, Barnard Henri Levi.

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