The film won many prizes in children’s festivals around the world as did my next film with Rock Demers, Tommy Tricker and the stamp Traveller.

The making of Tommy Tricker documentary explains the idea for this film, how it came to me in part because as a boy I’d always loved stamps, loved to dream about traveling to far away places as I peered at these tiny pictures.

The second prompt came from finding an article in a Chinese magazine about a boy who imagined visiting his pen-pal in Canada by posting himself in an envelope across the seas.
I thought, I can do better than that.
Why not a story about a boy who uses magic to become sucked into a stamps picture, being able then to mail himself wherever he wants to go.
There would be great danger of course because you might be spotted by a stamp collector who might  lock you up on his album as a precious variety. A variety in the stamp world, is a stamp with something different about it, a mistake. They’re often worth huge amounts of money.
All of this magic creates a whimsical journey and has led to Tommy Tricker and the stamp traveller being by far my most popular film for young people, and one of Rock’s favorites as well.
One of the highlights of the movie was that the music was done by the McGarrigle sisters. While working on the music with them, Kate McGarrigle mentioned that her son, Rufus Wainwright, who was showing promise as a singer, could possibly do a song for the film. I was enthusiastic and it resulted in a great song, I’m a Runnin’,  probably the first time Rufus ever performed in public, certainly in a film. See the clip here.  The overall music track was fantastic too. It’s so sad that Kate is now gone.

At the end of the movie, Rufus’ sister, Martha Wainwright does a second song which I think she wrote too, or perhaps Rufus wrote it. It’s called, Tommy come back. Tommy tricker, which came out in the late 80s, still has thousands of fans around the world, now in their late 30s, who visit the Facebook page .

Rufus Wainwright and Mike Rubbo

Tommy Tricker and the stamp traveller. Mike Rubbo directs the young singer and composer, Rufus Wainwright