Travels with my Art (Hard Copy)



Travels with my Art, is a 135 page hard cover book A4 size. 135 pages of paintings and drawings reproduced in full colour and the stories that go with them.

Travels with my art tells a story of how Emmy award-winning filmmaker (Vincent and Me)  Michael Rubbo has for many years painted outside in the impressionist way. .  It has been for him a way of getting out of the dark of the editing room and into the soothing beauties of nature. .

Each of his paintings has a story to tell, stories about  his impossible loves, about how natural energy swirls into his oils, about Heritage buildings that he thought could be saved from development by painting them,  and about the humble bicycle. With bicycle art art, Mike discovers the beauty of  the body on the bike, and the joys of bikes as transport, helmet free.

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